Payment Options

The Sterling payment program is flexible and offers several payment options and installment plans.

The following installment plans are available.

Pay Plan % of Premium per Installment
Fractional  % # months between Installments
2 Pay 50 1/2 6
3 Pay 33.33 1/3 4
4 Pay 25 1/4 3
6 Pay 16.7 1/6 2
9 Pay 11.2 1/9 Monthly – Paid off in 9th month
12 Pay 8.4 1/12 1

All payment plans afford the option of receiving an installment invoice through the mail or participating in the automated payment service.

You can pay by sending in a check along with your payment stub to our lockbox address, making a one-time credit card or e-check payment, or enrolling in our Automated Payment Service with a checking or savings account by clicking here.


Description Fee:
Unsuccessful payment processing fee $25.00

Statement processing fee (each monthly statement physically mailed)

(Waived if the first payment pays the policy in-full by the due date)

Automated Payment Service (each payment) $1.00
Notice of Cancellation fee $10.00



Sterling is now offering an Automated Payment Service. You can avoid the stress and worry of missing a bill in the mail, save a stamp and enjoy service charge savings on each installment. 

Our Automated Payment Service is available on all billing payment plans.

To learn more about our Automated Payment Service click here.

When enrolling in our Automated Payment Service, you must acknowledge the acceptance of an agreement outlining the service.  A copy of the agreement is available here.


For answers to frequently asked questions please click here.

Policies issued by either Sterling Insurance Company or Sterling Insurance Cooperative, Inc.